Student led mini-conference: September 22nd All Day.

Attendance is compulsory for ALL students (full-time & part-time)

Clarification (July 21):
1.The physical poster is what is assessed for your grade. Any 'presentation' or discussion of the poster is NOT assessed, it is suggested as professional dialogue to engage with the issues of the profession as per the professional teaching standards (Domain 3 Professional Engagement).
2. The poster will need to be submitted on Moodle formally AND displayed physically for the purpose of 1 above.

Clarification 2 (August 2)
3. Remember your poster will be assessed from the units you are studying this semester (see criteria below), but you are also encouraged to refer to last semester - in fact you will probably want to.
4. There is no set SIZE but I would suggest A1 as a potential and unenforceable maximum. Remember the criteria for assessing posters are clarity of presentation, check out the good example below and the bad example below.

Assignment 4: Student led mini-conference: September 22nd All Day.

Attendance is Compulsory for ALL students (full-time & part-time).

Page for those helping organise

Brief Overview

This is a compulsory Mini-conference held on Thursday 22nd September. This mini-conference will be organized around the Nine Provocations and each student will need to prepare and present a poster at this conference. The poster will explore a chosen provocation with reference to the learning from the entire course.


Develop a poster which explores one of the nine provocations from the course from the perspective of your learning.

Your poster needs to
  • Identify the provocation
  • Explore the provocation from the perspective of your learning
  • Make conclusion, based on research and observation, in relation to your chosen provocation.
  • Refer to relevant research literature
  • Meet the criteria of a poster presentation

Organisation (this will be updated as per the guidelines of the student committee organizing the conference)
  • Student will need to nominate a provocation to present at the mini-conference (details coming soon). i.e., Completing the physical poster satisfies the need to 'present'.
  • The conference will then be organised with sessions on each of the provocations. or similar
  • Students will need to set up their poster presentation prior to the beginning of the conference (the morning thereof)
  • Students will need to attend each session on the day including the session they will be presenting in. depending on final organization.


Poster & Presentation

  • Remember your poster from Ed Foundations in Semester 1 (2011) - samples will be here soon for those not in Ed Founds
  • Please also refer to the Guide to designing research posters at (being edited)
  • There is a problem with the links so use these: Bad poster example or the Good poster example Ignore the size, they are way too big, but look at the relative layout and relationship between title, text size and diagrams etc.
  • You do not need professionally produced posters, but we will disqualify anything costing more than $60 if you choose to get one printed. If it is professional you MUST attach a receipt on the back.
  • In addition to the production of the poster each student will be given 10 minutes to present their poster to the conference. This is NOT compulsory, see clarification above. There will be some forum to discuss the provocations as students see fit.


  • Posters will be graded by the lectures in your unit on the day using the rubric provided.

  • Your poster MUST be uploaded formally on moodle.
  • Marking guide.
  • Posters will be graded on the day ONLY using the feedback criteria below.
  • Students ARE NOT graded on their oral Presentation.

Feedback criteria:

Instructions to reviewer: Use these criteria to rate the poster presentation on a scale of 5-1 (5=strongly agree; 3=neutral; 1=strongly disagree).
For this assignment the below relate to your points, 2-3 sentences and relevant references.
5 is strong
Well-defined introduction to the problem or issue

Engaging literature review

Well-presented Results/Findings/Conclusions

Well-developed Implications/Recommendations/Impact on Profession

Stimulating Appearance

Appropriate Text/Graphics Balance

Great Visual Organization and Flow

Part-Time students

  • First year part-time students are to develop their poster from the perspective of the units they studied THIS YEAR and will be graded from this perspective..
  • Second year part-time students are to develop their poster from the perspective of the ENTIRE COURSE but will be graded from the perspective of the units they studied THIS YEAR. The Perspective of the entire course is important in this task as it is the culmination of your learning journey.

Sample posters from Ed Foundations 2011