Students can apply for an extension to the due date for submission of an assessment item on the grounds of illness or other unavoidable and verifiable personal circumstances (as outlined in the table below):

Examples of Documentary Evidence Required
Illness or serious health problems
A medical or counselling certificate, certifying that the student received medical attention and that the illness would prevent/prevented the student from submitting the assessment item
Bereavement - death of family member or close friend
Death notice or other appropriate evidence
Sporting commitments at the state or national representative level
Documentary evidence of participation such as written advice from the team manager or an National Athlete Career and Education (ACE) adviser
Unavoidable work commitment
Documentary evidence from employer
Voluntary defence or emergency commitments
Documentary evidence from the relevant authority
Car accident or breakdown on the way to submit assessment item
Police report (in the case of an accident) or a mechanics report (in the case of a breakdown)
Legal commitments such as jury duty or being subpoenaed to attend court
Documentary evidence from the Court
Applications should be submitted via the extension request form or from outside Room 5C2. In all cases, some form of documentary evidence is required to support an application for an extension. Applications should normally be made at least 48 hours before the advertised due date. Applications made after this date will only be approved in exceptional circumstances and should be accompanied by a draft of the assignment or other evidence of work towards its completion.

It should be noted that such documentation will be considered but will not guarantee that the application will be successful.

In particular, original medical certificates are to be sighted by the unit convenor and must be signed by a registered medical, dental or health practitioner or counsellor and a copy provided to the unit convenor. It is not necessary for medical and counselling certificates to specify the nature of the medical condition but such certification should contain the following:
  • The registered provider number (not necessary for counselling certificates
  • The date on which the student was to submit the assessment item.
  • Advice regarding the severity and duration of the complaint and that the circumstances would affect the student’s ability to submit the assessment item.
  • Be dated on, or before, the date of submission. Medical certificates dated after the date of the submission will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

Students should apply before the due submission date, and are advised to do as early as possible. Applications may be considered after the due submission date only under exceptional circumstances.

The Unit Convenor will decide whether to grant an extension and the length of the extension.

Late submission of assignments without an approved extension will result in the assignment NOT being marked and ZERO being recorded for that particular assignment.

Students with a disability can also receive support from the UC AccessAbility Office. They should first talk to the unit convenor and request an extension. If students do not feel comfortable doing this, they can go to the AccessAbility office front desk and ask to fill in a Request for Extension form. The Disability Advisor will contact the lecturer and then confirm with the student that the extension has been granted. Requests for extensions need to be made at least 5 days prior to the due date. This will allow time to pass the request on to Academic staff for consideration and confirmation to be received. If students apply later it may not be possible to make the requested modification.

Prepared in line with
University of Canberra Assessment policy
Deferred Examination Policy