Grad Dip Fair, 2012: Planning page
The idea of the fair would be to set up 'stalls' to allow people to share ideas, assignments, etc.
People would wander around, looking at assignments, discussing them with authors, sharing lesson plans, listening to music, whatever.
People wouldn't be 'tied' to a stall -- they could hang out there for a bit but would be also free to wander around to see what else is on offer.


  • All welcome: friends, family, colleagues!
  • MP to get word out amongst the Faculty
  • Flyers?
  • Get word out on Facebook etc.

Assignment 1 stalls (Teal)

  • Students to set up 'stalls' to share first assignment
  • Hard copies, electronic copies, whatever is suitable (bring your own, if you are sharing assignment)
  • People can come and read, or listen, or view, or whatever and discuss with the author

Assignment 2 stalls (Teal)

  • What are people doing for assgt 2?
  • Miles's idea: stall for assignment 2 oral presentations! We can do dry-runs of our presentations for feedback =)
    • Needs: stopwatch; laptop (that runs Powerpoint); voice recording device (for self-reflection)

Lesson planning stalls/workshops (Studio 1)

  • Perhaps set up a room for students to bring along lesson plans and share them

Classroom demos (Studio 2)

  • Place for students to share cool stuff they've been doing in class/ideas/whatever

Music (Exhibition space/foyer)

  • Really hoping some music students will come and jam for us!

Balloon modelling! yay! (Flexi)

Cake stalls (Flexi)

Face painting! (Flexi)

Sausage sizzle

  • Would be sooooo good if someone could organise this ... Who's got a barbie and trailer? Maybe the student union can help out?
  • Bread donations (please put your name and no. of loaves under here)
  1. Lindsay (I've bought 6 loaves)
  2. Meg ICM (1 gluten free loaf)
  3. Meg P (tomato sauce, oil)
  4. Meg P: Snags (I'll get 'enough' -- i.e., whatever looks right on the day!!!)
  5. Kirk: Onions
  6. ???: Tongs and stuff ...
  • (as above - name and approx. amount?)
  • Volunteers to man the BBQ (cooking etc)

  • Other supplies (eg tomato sauce etc)

Vegetarian alternative??

  • Sanitarium "Vegie Delights" are quite good (Miles will try to buy some beforehand--no promises, veggos =( )

Fund raising for ...?

  • Can we choose a single charity for all funds raised to be donated to?
  • Fundraising via sausage sizzle, bucket brigades, cake stalls

Savong's School
Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
The school is run by a man called Svay Savong in a rural village.
The aim of the school is to teach rural students a foreign language e.g. English or Japanese so that they can find jobs in the growing tourist industry which is based in the urban areas of Cambodia. The school also sponsors some students to go to university.

To donate:
donate on the website
Savong recently got Facebook; he communicates regularly. Also he likes to take photos of his students, colleagues, the school, the volunteers, visitors to the school, and bits of Cambodia.
You can also contact Duncan Stuart and Phil Caldwell

Dress ups!

  • To find out the kooky people!