Some students ask questions about missing class time or starting late in semester due to other life commitments. While we recognise that students are juggling a number of different responsibilities, it is strongly recommended that you make your university course your top priority and that you encourage your friends, family and employers to support you in this. Where possible, you can explain to them that you are expected to spend eight hours a week on each of your units plus approximately three hours face-to-face. If you are studying fulltime, you will be devoting about forty-four hours a week to your university course.

If missing course time is unavoidable, then it is up to you to catch up on material and information. In intensively taught programs, such as the Graduate Diploma, missing more than a week of class time may put you at serious risk of failing a unit and/or the course. In order to pass you we need to be sure that you have met the professional graduate standards. This is impossible for us to assess if you haven’t attended your face-to-face hours.

All lectures are recorded and available online, so it is possible, to some extent, to plan for absences by following your course outline and by keeping in touch with online sites such as Moodle (and the wiki and Ning, where available). You should note, however, that tutorials, professional learning seminars, and workshops are not recorded. It is recommended that you consult your peers, either face-to-face or online, about material that you’ve missed or not understood. Please do not expect your lecturer and/or your tutors to spend individual time with you catching up on class material. Please also be aware that social engagements, such as holidays, weddings and birthdays, are not usually grounds for an extension on assessment items. There is more information in your unit outlines and at