Print it out and take it with you to discuss with your mentor teacher.

Print it out and take it with you to discuss with your mentor teacher.

A letter from the Professional Experience Office

Dear Student,

As you may be aware, professional experience is an integral component of preservice education courses in the Faculty of Education at the University of Canberra. Consequently, over the duration of your course you will be placed into a variety of settings for a number of days as determined by your course’s requirement. The following information is provided to assist you prepare for your forthcoming professional experience.

All professional experience placements are formally arranged by the Professional Experience Office. Students (preservice teachers) and/or members of their family must not make direct contact with teachers in schools to arrange placements.

Before commencing professional experience, there are a number of requirements that you need to attend to:

At the PPMS login page:
  1. Enter your student ID (e.g., u999999)
  2. Enter your password (i.e., the one you use to access computers on the UC campus), and
  3. Select User Type: Student.

To assist the placement coordinators with placing you, supply as much (relevant) information as possible on your form. In particular, Secondary Preservice Teachers are requested to indicate current teaching areas and any previous studies. Please note that although every effort is made to accommodate preservice teachers preferences, they cannot be guaranteed.

*Unless there is a break in your course of 12 months or more (or you misplace your badge), these are ‘once only’ requirement requirements.
The timing of your professional experience placement will be negotiated between yourself and your placement school. A planner is available on the course Moodle site to assist you with this process.

Further information regarding professional experience will be provided at classes throughout the semester and on the course Moodle site.



Marilyn Nothdurft | Administrator, Professional Experience | Faculty of Education | University of Canberra | ACT 2601, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 6201 2486/2487 | Fax: +61 (0)2 6201 5073 || Building 5, Level B, Room 10

Links and information

The Professional Experience Moodle site

This is where the Professional Experience Office posts all their information for students.

Secondary Teacher Education Moodle site
This site provides common course information for pre-service secondary teacher education courses at the University of Canberra.

National Criminal History Record Check (NCHRC) ('Police check') form (PDF download)

Professional experience at UC

Professional experience office

Info on professional experience days

Important note for second year part-time students in the Grad Dip: As you did not complete any prac last year as part of the transition arrangements you need to complete all 45 days in 2012 (nominally 30 days in semester 1 linked to CPP1 and than the 15 days in WT linked to CPP3). To help you meet this requirement we be as flexible as we can within the guidelines and legal requirements of placement, such as insurance etc.

To course complete wit the rest of the cohort you will need to complete your 45 days by the SecED@UC conference (11th September 2012). To course complete with final year UG students you will need to complete your days by early November (Date being finalised). Failing this the Discipline Head will set a third date early semester 1 2013. On a technical note you will not be issued with your CPP1 grade until 30 days are successfully completed, Similarly with CPP3 in WT.

Important Information for Second Year UG students.

Most of you completed 10 days for Education Foundations last year (2011). As a result you only need to complete 10 days this year (2012). However this is based on the assumption that you received a successful practicum report last year. It is your responsibility to know this and to keep on top of your days. Failure to complete the number of days by graduation will impact on your ability to be registered.

State and territory info

Teacher registration in the ACT (Teacher Quality Institute)
NSW Institute of Teachers Professional Teaching Standards

Thinking about working in rural and regional schools? Then explore this website.

2011 extension program information

NOTE: We're keeping this info here for 2012 students, just to give you a sense of the kinds of extra programs you can undertake during your studies.

Explore your future program
As a teacher education student, the NSW Department of Education and Training (NSW DET) is offering you a range of professional experiences through the 'Explore Your Future' program.
The 'Explore Your Future' program provides valuable experiences to assist you in making choices about your teaching future in NSW public schools. 'Explore Your Future' provides experiences in both rural and metropolitan school locations where there is a higher demand for new teachers.
The following initiatives are available to University of Canberra students:

Beyond the Line – School Community Visits.
Choice of two:
Dubbo, Western NSW Region – 1 to 5 August 2011 *Registration closes Friday 3 June 2011.
Warrumbungles, Western NSW Region – 21 to 25 November 2011 *Registration closes Fri 23 September 2011.
Beyond the Bridge - School Community Visit to the South Western Sydney Regions (8 & 9 August 2011). *Registration closes Fri 10 June 2011.
Priority will be given to 3rd Year and Final Year Students (including Graduate Diploma and Graduate Entry).

Beyond the Line/ Beyond the Bridge - Professional Experience Placement. This initiative is selective. The University of Canberra (UC) has been allocated eight positions (3 Primary/5 Secondary) for 2011. All applications to participate will be assessed by UC Staff and the successful applications will be forwarded to the NSW DET. *Application closing date: Monday 6 June 2011.
This is available for the following students;
* 3rd year Primary
* 3rd year Secondary
* Final year Secondary Graduate Entry
* Secondary Graduate Diploma
For more information and application/registration forms visit the explore your future page on the PE website.