Pre-planning thoughts
There are two main things I want to try to achieve in this tutorial, one little and one big.
The little one is to try to foster the kind of small community feeling that our old tutes had. We'll never have the same thing we had last year when we met with the same group for 2 hours every week, but I'd like to at least try to recapture a bit of it. I've got the Ning organised into four groups, and I'm hoping that, for at least a few of the students, those Ning groups will develop into an important mini-community. So .... I want to organise at least one part of the tutorial so that those four groups meet and share some thoughts.
The big one is to have them exploring the Krause models of classroom management, in a way that uses the spaces and possibilities of Inspire to allow different students to explore the models in different creative/active ways, and then to present what they've done to the bigger Grad Dip community.
Here's roughly what I'm thinking.
  1. Courtney (student from 2009) yesterday wrote a stunning blog post on the Ning, describing a lesson she had that looked as though it was going to tip over the edge. I'd like to get a small group of our Grad Dips to put together a mini-play of the first part of this lesson - up to the moment when it looked like it was all going to fall to pieces - and to act this out in the Teal Room at the start of my session. (This would involve clearing the tables and just having chairs in there.)
  2. I'm thinking that I'd then get small groups/pairs using the Krause models to explore the question: 'Which of these models offers something to a teacher like Courtney is this predicament?'
  3. I'd then distribute copies of Courtney's blog post, and either tell the rest of the story or get them reading it silently. For the next hour, I'd have a series of options (still thinking about these) where students would respond to what Courtney did through: online explorations, making of mini-podcasts, making of rough film, acting something out, writing, small group discussions, photo stories ... Things where different people are working, individually or in groups of varying sizes,
  4. We'd assemble in the four groups (see above) and invite those who wanted to share their work to do so with their group. This sharing would continue online during Week 3.