Hey, everyone,
If you'd like to use the SecEd@UC wiki to host your own wikispaces, then go ahead. Feel free to create pages, add media, start discussions, create a wikispace for your different tutes or study groups ... whatever.
All we ask is that you confine student work to this area.
Delete this text whenever you want.
-- Strike Team.
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Grad Dip Fair

A School Wiki

There is a new wikispace called 'A School Wiki' for students to use to build and experiment with a K-12 wiki for schools, a wiki upgrade given to us by wikispaces.com

Go and see what you think so far ... Please feel free to edit, add, etc. You need to add yourself as a member before you can do these things.

Frequently Asked Questions (Regi App)

The Regi App is for sharing the answers to questions for the greater good of all. This was created by a fulltime Grad Dipper so the answers are currently skewed that way. Please feel free to edit, update etc.

Student blogs

If you would like to share a link to your blog, please email Meg (meg@meganpoore.com) with your URL as well as a short note giving permission for your blog address to be posted on the wiki. Bear in mind that once your link goes up here anyone can click on it and see your blog (i.e., the link is public). We won't post your link until we have express, written permission (email is fine).

Student lesson plans

You can either post your lesson plans on the Student lesson plans page via PDF or Word document, or you can create a new page and link to it off that page (you might want to create your own, personal page ... up to you).

Student Led-Conference

Link to the page here

Job opportunities

Use this page to share info on job opportunities you know about.

Resource repository

A. Glossary
B. Thinkers in education
C. In the classroom
Practice page (sandpit)

ICT-related stuff

ACT schools ICT survey
PLANE Journey
Professional Learning Networks - a Preservice Teacher Perspective
Bookmarking and Notetaking. Are you on Diigo, or Delicious or some other great service? Join the UCGD directory here. Follow classmates and share resources

Tech tools

Use this page to contribute any technological tools, websites & software applications that might be useful to us as teachers