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Week 1
The unit structure and rationale
The ten lectures (after this one) will attempt to model what we're asking for Assessment 2, where an event is described and analysed in the light of theory and reflection.
Week 2
Values, ambition, learning styles
The slammed door: Janine gets up in the middle of a tutorial and storms out, slamming the door. What's behind this? How to respond?
Week 3
Expectations & culture, differences, learning styles
The front seat explosion: A student asks me a difficult question, and I pause before answering, shutting my eyes and letting my thoughts gather before saying anything. Suddenly a boy in the front row shouts: 'Just say it, for god's sake, will you!' We're all shocked, including the boy in the front row.
Week 4
Teacher expectations, peer pressure, conflicting values, attachment
The class revolt: A group of students at an alternative school tell me I'm not their type. What's this about?
Week 5
Defences, projections, games and secrets
The sticky-tape poem: One day Nick writes a secret poem in class. What secrets exist in our classrooms, affecting the learning environment?
Week 6
Projection, idealization, attachment, adolescence
The blonde bombshell: I'm teaching adolescent boys, and their previous teacher - a gorgeous young teacher who has been very popular - drops in for a visit.
Week 7
Belonging, values, conflict resolution
The secret thief: A stealing incident threatens to undermine months of planning and a growing sense of community. How to respond?

Week 8 Class free week

Week 9
Ambition, motivation, frustration, resilience, perseverance
The walled city: Josh sits in his English class, reading a Shakespeare play and feeling shut out from the world that that the teacher is trying to entice him into. He feels like he's in a walled city, unable to get out.
Week 10
Expectations, the secret lives of children, motivation, passion, relationship.
'Teaching is an extreme sport': Aaron, a preservice teacher, is asked to teach 10 disaffected boys and is told by a mentor teacher to remember that 'teaching is an extreme sport'.
Week 11
Classroom atmosphere, expectations, boundaries, purpose.
What's the difference between a duck? I'm standing at the door on the first day of the school year, and as the first student walks past me I ask him, 'What's the difference between a duck?'

The Thursday Workshops
As a part of this unit, there will be a number of compulsory discipline group Thursday Workshops held in the afternoons. For CPP2, these Thursday Workshops will be held on the following dates:
  • Thursday Workshop 1: February 23
  • Thursday Workshop 2: March 22
  • Thursday Workshop 3: April 12

The KLA-specific content of CPP2 will be covered in these workshops. You will be drawing on the ideas and content explored in these workshops for Assignments 2a and 2b, which are worth 20%.