Week 11: Wrap Up

The lecture last week was the wrap up, and this week you'll all be busy with your Assignment 2.
Consequently, there are no Tasks of the Week or Readings.

However, if you haven't seen Rebecca Halpern's Ning, post, then I highly recommend it: Twenty Five things I Wish I Knew When I Was You

There is no extra reading to be done; just drawing on the reading that you've been doing all semester so that you can demonstrate, in your Assignment 2, that you've 'gone beyond the basics'. This document, which I published on Moodle and in the Week 1 section, can be used a reminder of what all the reading possibilities have been:



  1. Roll: A short sentence-long response on the biggest hurdle/challenge encountered with Assignment 2.
  2. Pairs: in pairs, two minutes to talk to each other about your reading for this week.
  3. Writing: 3 minutes on a mystery topic (connected with the chart above)
  4. Assignment 2: Two or three volunteers to talk (in fishbowl) with tutor about their Assignment 2 work.
  5. Next year's CPP2: On one coloured stickies: what we should keep in next year's program; on a second colour, what we should change. (Anonymous ... stuck on walls ... circle discussion
  6. Wrap Up