Week one: what on earth...

Week one is a general introduction to the corse. There is the scheduled two hour lecture 9.30am - 11.30am in 2B09 (Campus Map) and then the seminar period from 12.30pm - 5pm in Building 25 the inspire centre. In the seminars we will work in groups to introduce the units, ourselves and what we are on about in this course.


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Please note that these are the full lecture notes -- the in-class presentation is much more streamlined.

Investigate.jpgFor you to Investigate

This week there is no set work, other than 'get orientated'. I'd like you to reflect upon your own schooling, or that of your own children, for next week. However, you have been asked to do similar in other units - I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the ning, in the discussion forum or elsewhere.

Tutorial, Tues, 1230 - 1700, Grad Dip students only


UG Tutorial

The Aim of this weeks tutorial is to work towards developing an initial meaning or definition of the terms curriculum, pedagogy and practice. To help you this tutorial will see you:
  1. Working in small 'community' groups of about 5-6 where we will discuss the characteristics of teachers and teaching we found both effective and non-effective in our own schooling.
  2. We will then whip around and get an idea of each from each group. Dissenting judgements from the group will also be heard.
  3. Then in our small groups, or individually, we will relate what we hear to the ideas of curriculum, pedagogy and practice. Each group will then draft a meaning for each term.
  4. We'll then share our meanings.
  5. To finish we'll do some private writing on these meanings from our personal perspectives.