Theme: Teaching as an extreme sport

One of our pre-service teachers was told by an older experienced teacher that he needed to remember that teaching was an extreme sport.
Is it?
What do we do when confronted by difficult moments, or difficult classes?
Is there a formula? An approach or set of strategies that always work?
Or is this the wrong question?


This week, you'll hear from a number of people (Steve, Courtney, Aaron, Hannah, Libby and others).
We'll be sharing our thoughts and experiences about dealing with challenges. This will include the crucial area of sustainability, well-being and balance.



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As always, I encourage you to read what you think is going to be most useful to you. This could be from the e-Reserve, or from elsewhere. (You'll see from the Assignment 2 rubric that one of the criteria is that you demonstrate that you have read beyond the basics.Assignment2Rubric2012.pdf)

However, to get the most out of the tutorials this week, there are some readings I'd like you to do before the tutorial.
  1. A paper written by two of last year's students (Libby and Hannah) and me, about their experiences of the Dip Ed. Doubt and disillusion as a stage in becoming a teacher Doubt & disillusion.pdf
  2. Courtney's blog post How to rescue an English lesson ... (Many of you have read this already. You might like to refresh your memory before the tutorial.)
  3. Aaron's blog post The Kingma take on interdisciplinary literacy
  4. My blog post Fear, drive my feet


Some suggestions for your writing
A. The lecture: What did you take away from the lecture? What thoughts or feelings did it stimulate?

B. Your reading: What did you take away from the readings? What thoughts or feelings did they stimulate?

C. You're all working on Assignment 2 at the moment. Given that collaborations are so stimulating/helpful for many of us, feel free to post some thoughts about your Assignment 2. Reading each others' could well be useful.
Some questions you might like to address in a post (either on Moodle or the Ning):
  1. What event(s) have you decided to use?
  2. In what way has this event unsettled or stimulated you?
  3. What Provocation are you going to foreground?
  4. What material from CPP 2 are you going to use to inform your analysis of this event?
  5. How's progress? Challenges?



  1. Roll: A short sentence-long response to the Tuesday lecture.
  2. Pairs: in pairs, two minutes to talk to each other about your reading for this week.
  3. Writing: 3 minutes on a mystery topic
  4. Surviving the challenges. (Groups to discuss, then to report back to main group.)
    • what message(s) do you take from the lecture about how to survive the challenges?
    • what message(s) do you take from your readings this week about how to survive the challenges?
    • what message(s) to you take from your life experience about how to survive challenges?

  5. Assignment 2
  6. Professional experience

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