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Video resources

Howard Gardner on multiple intelligence (8 minutes)

Helping students at risk (15 minutes)

The videoclip shows a school’s approach to helping at risk students in the areas of teaching, behaviour management, and building relationship.

Learn better together: A Vimeo clip on inclusive education (17 minutes)

For information only.
'Learning better together' (by IHC, New Zealand) puts together a coherent picture of what disabled students, advocates, parents, teachers, principals, community leaders, ministry officials, policymakers and politicians can aspire to in schools.

Learning better together - Working towards inclusive education in New Zealand schools from IHC New Zealand on Vimeo.

Bloom's taxonomy according to Seinfeld -- Just for laughs. :) (15 minutes)

Bloom's taxonomy according to Seinfeld

Task of the week

1. IQ tests

Find out for yourself how IQ tests work.
Take the tests at the following 3 sites:
a) Think and compare the theoretical approaches to intelligence in the 3 tests.
b) Which test best represents your view of intelligence? Why?
c) What is the usefulness of such tests in the school setting?

2. Video study

Helping 'at-risk' students:
Watch the videoclip above, which shows a school’s approach to helping at risk students in the areas of teaching, behaviour management, and building relationship.
a) Record the strategies that you think can be effective in your future classroom(s);
b) Use the educational psychology theories you have learnt so far to analyse the basis of these strategies; and
c) Discuss why you think these strategies may be effective.

3. Using MI and Bloom's taxonomy in lesson planning: a case study
For copyright reasons, the case study is loaded on Moodle.

4. Research on teaching exceptional students and inclusive education

Read the literature on teaching exceptional students and find out more for yourself about the challenges and benefits inclusive classroom education.
You may choose to:
a) focus on one or some physical and/or intellectual disabilities and the unique issues they present for teaching and students' schooling;
b) read about the philosophy and Australian policies and socio-political contexts in providing for students with special needs; or
c) read about providing for gifted and talented individuals.
Search databases such as ERIC, PsycINFO, Australian Education Index and EdNA Online using terms like 'early intervention', 'integration', 'inclusion', 'disability', 'mainstreaming', 'learning difficulties', 'gifted education', 'ASD', 'vision impairment', etc.
Discuss your findings and informed views on Moodle.