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The responsive brain
This program explores how the brain alters its structure and functioning in response to social situations. You'll learn about the impact of different stimuli on human and animal brains, from the effect of human touch on premature babies to the effect of social status on the health of baboons.

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Note to students:
Each week, tasks are designed to elicit staged responses to the final assignments in the course. For Education Foundations, it is important that your writing and reflections are supported by relevant theories and research literature. You may think of your weekly writing as partial drafts of your assignments. That is, you are welcome to incorporate or reproduce your weekly reflections in your final assignments.

Choose and write about ONE of the following topics:

1. Melissa has been reading about brain research, and decides to practice writing with her left hand to strengthen the right side of her brain, in hopes that it will help her with mathematics, which she has read is a �right brain� activity. Does it work like this? How would you explain to her the implications of brain research?

2. What are some other myths or misconceptions about brain development and functions that you are aware of? Based on the lecture, the video on the responsive brain and your reading in this week, do you now have a different understanding about the matter(s)? How do you think this will impact on classroom teaching and learning?

3. How and when did you learn to read and write? What do you think is the best way to teach reading and writing? Should we focus mainly on skills, or on meanings in context, or is there another method?

4. Reflect on a recent learning experience. How did it build on what you had known or experienced beforehand? List all the knowledge, skills and experiences that contributed to your learning. Are there other links you might have made to help you learn more, or learn more effectively?

5. Describe a learning activity in a subject area in which you plan to teach. Show how the activity builds on prior learning and experiences. Identify the developmental skills or understandings students need to have to be able to complete the activity.