The lecture

Lecture this week is online, posted on my blog and titled //The student revolt: online lecture for CPP 2 Week 4//

When you go to this blog post, you'll discover that my lecture is made up of
  1. written commentary
  2. two videos (about 7 minutes each)
  3. ideas for writing, thinking and reading based on what you see, hear and read in the lecture.

Week 4 Tasks (for undergraduates and Dip Ed students)

You may have reading and writing plans that you're just wanting some time for. In that case, use this week to get on with these.
However, if you'd like more guidance or some prompts, I have embedded a number of these in the online lecture.
Please post on Moodle if you just want Steve to read your writing, and on the Ning (in your tutorial group) if you'd like your writing to be viewable by all. If you're doing your writing on a blog, please paste a link into one of these two places (Moodle or Ning).


  1. Roll: A short sentence-long response to the online lecture.
  2. Pairs: in pairs, two minutes to talk to each other about what you've been reading for CPP 2
  3. Writing: 3 minutes on a mystery topic :-)
  4. Circle discussion: The Thursday KLA workshops & assessment 2a
  5. Assumptions: A guinea pig (or two) to share his/her current thinking, and to get feedback from us well before Assignment 1 is due.
  6. The fight-fight idea:
  • How did you react to the Assignment 1 task? Work on it? Flee from it? Fight it? :-)
  • What might be good strategies for dealing with fight-flight in our classrooms? What can we learn from our reading? What can we learn from the models?