Week 6: Facilitating student understanding - unit & lesson planning. Pedagogical Reasoning

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This week we are going to hit the pause button. Go for a long walk, ride, whatever and just think about some of the ideas and approaches we have covered thus far. Perhaps have another read of the QTM Annotated Bibliography and revisit Churchill.

This week I'll be turning to pedagogical reasoning so peruse the material on the pedagogical reasoning page of the wiki. This is not a concept you need to master now at all and it should not be seen as another complication to include in assignment 1. Instead we're responding to feedback from last years students that they thought the idea should be introduced earlier than we did last year. Thus you will have heard us refer to it a lot already and say how many things you are doing now are in fact the beginning of the idea - after all it is a key theme of the course with the nine provocations. You do not need to read all the pedagogical reasoning references this week, however we also know the sooner you engage with the notion the easier it is to understand. Importantly assignment 3 (your first assessment in WT) asks you to use this approach to looking at something that happened in your teaching on professional experience. Following this link will take you to LAST YEARS assignment 3, however it may be slightly modified so don't take it as exactly this years task - that will be published later. Finally, his is not the last time we'll talk on this. Next semester we'll do a follow up. I'll be using the example of Walgett I used in the lecture a few weeks ago for consistencies sake.

Attention 2nd Year Part-Time students. You may find much of this weeks lecture familiar.


For you to Investigate

Remember, these tasks are to help focus your own study and reflections. I do not require them to be posted etc, but encourage you to share and discuss them if you wish. I'm also more than happy if you want to integrate your reflections with your other units.

1. If you haven't already contact your professional experience school - you'll need a few days observations to do assignment 2.
2. Have a look at the Pedagogical Reasoning Reading Guide and start thinking about it, just a little though.
3. redo 2.
4. If you haven't already get on the wiki discussion forum and peruse the discussions about what we teach, how we teach it, the equity implications and the impact upon our assumptions - all these discussion are fantastic articulations of ideas behind what we have been covering.
5. Go for a long walk, ride, whatever and just think about some of the ideas and approaches we have covered thus far.