CPP 2 The link between classroom management and good pedagogy

The lecture

This lecture was going to be about the story of The Blonde Bombshell, but I changed my mind after discussions with students following last week's lecture and tutorials.

The online lecture ( which is on my blog and is called Bobby McFerrin: master teacher and model) explores this thorny question:

Given the inevitability that we'll teach classes with a diverse range of abilities, knowledge, commitments and learning styles, how can we modify our lesson plans to allow for diversity? Or are there some classes which are impossible to teach, no matter how resourceful and organised the teacher?

Week 6 Tasks

You're going to be flat out with Assignment 1 this week, so there are no extra set reading or writing tasks.
But if any of you want to post a response to the online lecture, then do so either on my blog, on the Ning, or on Moodle (I'll create a spot called Week 6 Writing Task on Ning and Moodle for this purpose).


  1. Roll: A short sentence-long response to the online lecture.
  2. Pairs: in pairs, two minutes to talk to each other about your Assignment 1 progress so far.
  3. Writing: 3 minutes on a mystery topic :-)
  4. Assignment 1: general discussion on progress
  5. Mid-semester survey: some quiet time for you to give anonymous feedback on your experience of the unit so far.
  6. Modifying a lesson plan: building in students being active, collaborative, reflective, and the teaching being challenging, structured, connected. You'll be given a basic lesson plan, and in groups asked to build into the plan ways of attending to these six things. Discussion point: is good pedagogy the answer to bad behaviour?

The basic lesson plan

Context: You are the tutor of a CPP 2 tutorial group. You have half an hour with these students to achieve the objective.
Objective: To have the students in your tutorial group understand Assignment 1
Outcomes to be addressed: The students in the tutorial group will understand the Assignment 1 task, and know how to go about tackling it.
Lesson Plan:
  1. Give all students a copy of the Unit Outline.
  2. Direct them to the relevant page
  3. Go through the Assignment, step by step, explaining all the parts of it to the students
  4. Ask for any questions.
  5. Question different students to assess the degree of understanding of Assignment 1 (oral or written, depending on time)