Video resources

Sherlock Holmes -- A Study in Scarlet (5 mins)

A Study in Scarlet is the first story to feature the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes. In this clip, he is shown inspecting the scene of a murder. After a careful yet brief assessment of the situation, he is able to tell the police a great deal of information about the perpetrator. Holmes’ deductive feats are a remarkably complex mental act. What is deductive reasoning? What is inductive reasoning? Does Holmes use both in this scene? How? (clipsforclass.com)

Charlie Rose talks with Stephen Hawkin

Despite being almost completely paralyzed by ALS, Stephen Hawking remains one of the world’s foremost theoretical physicists and has contributed greatly to our understanding of the universe. Hawking has suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease since the age of 13, and has almost no control over his body. What does Stephen Hawking’s story say about the power of thought and cognition? (clipsforclass.com)

Task of the week

1) You are being interviewed for a job in a school with students of a wide range of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. The principal asks: 'How would you teach abstract concepts to a student who just arrived in the country and can't speak or read much in English?'
Prepare a response that is informed by educational theories which may or may not be constructivism. Illustrate your response with a concrete example of a particular abstract concept in your discipline and how you would teach it.

2) Provide a response to either of the questions based on the videoclips above.