Week 7: Aligning students and curriculum frameworks

Required Reading

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Folks, I was planning in this lecture to go over a few technical issues relating to lesson planning and teaching your first lessons. When I started writing down the things I'd tell a new teacher I started to get a bit of a list, it dawned on me that these are the things you often don't get told. So, I called the list 'the hidden pedagogy' - OK, bad play on words. I shared it with team who have popped some of their ideas in as well. We did that in a second column so you can associate ideas with us as we imagine you have a sense of how we each approach things differently and we thought that would aid in interpretation. When using this keep an eye on the version date, I imagine it is something we'll keep updating when we think of things.

Other than that the topic of 'aligning students and curriculum frameworks' is a fancy way of saying 'keep in mind the students you are teaching and their various needs and levels, as well as the knowledge you want them to understand'. The key thing here is what you have been doing, and will do, in Education Foundations (what you did in Education Foundations for most UG students). In that course you cover how students learn, learning theory, etc. The aim is that you transfer the knowledge of learning to your lesson planning.

Finally, revisit the QTM and consider how it helps you plan your lessons, units and lesson activities. An interesting avenue of thinking might be to consider how the QTM is really all about students while simultaneously looking at the features of a teachers pedagogy.



For you to Investigate

Remember, these tasks are to help focus your own study and reflections. I do not require them to be posted etc, but encourage you to share and discuss them if you wish. I'm also more than happy if you want to integrate your reflections with your other units.

1. Considering what you have read to date, on a big bit of paper draw a diagram to illustrate how you plan for a lesson.
2. Read over the HIdden Pedagogy, while they are all important, which ones surprised you the most? why?
3. What do I mean by 'QTM is really all about students while simultaneously looking at the features of a teachers pedagogy'?
4. Plan to visit your school!