Week 9: School Cultures - Learning from & with your mentor.

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Required Reading

Further Reading

This week I will introduce the importance of understanding context when considering pedagogy models, standards and the curriculum. An important consideration here is the necesity to enagge with the complexity I discussed in week 2. In this lecture I will go over some of the ways in which context, in this example rurality, impacts on student equity and teachers interaction with the relevant frameworks. I will introduce some ideas of quality separate to the QTM and the notion of the 'pedagogy of poverty' and how this limits our practice.

It is with this backdrop of complexity that I will then look at the professional experience reports and the professional conversations that you will use in your professional experience. It is important that these conversations and documents be considered in the light of complexity, as to consider them as set formats foregrounds a type of codified knowledge that is implicated in producing unequal educational outcomes.


In the tutorial you will be looking at the standards for each Domain and considering the sort things you would need to show (demonstrations) at your stage of development – I.e. beginning and intermediate. I anticipate this being a bit of further unpacking of the text that is there already and more specific to your KLA. Following this we will introduce the portfolio idea (assessment 2b) and how this links to the demonstrations of the standards. In this way I hope you will understand the complexity of all this, as well as how it all fits together.


For you to Investigate

Remember, these tasks are to help focus your own study and reflections. I do not require them to be posted etc, but encourage you to share and discuss them if you wish. I'm also more than happy if you want to integrate your reflections with your other units.

1. Describe the key ideas of the 'pedagogy of poverty'.
2. Discuss how the notion of 'quality' in the QTM differs from a broader view of educational quality.
3. Consider how complexity is incorporated in your developing educational philosophy.
4. Have a look at assessment 2b and Raegina's sample material, and start working on yours.