Week 9: The walled city

The premise of this week’s work is this: that some classroom management issues stem from student frustration, with some students feeling trapped or excluded in some way.
I have three blog posts about a secondary boy I interviewed a few years ago. It tells the story of how he felt trapped, and how he got himself out of the trap.
Your tasks for this week:
  1. Read the blog posts. (This is your online lecture for this week.) The walled city: Josh Part 1, Doubts and loves: Josh Part 2, Walking through the barrier: Josh Part 3
  2. Think (and write) about times when you’ve felt trapped or excluded from the learning, and whether you found (or were helped to find) an escape route.
  3. Think about the reading and reflecting you’ve already done in CPP 2, and what light it might throw on this issue.
  4. Reflect on the implications of all of this for your teaching.



  1. Roll: A short sentence-long response to the blog posts.
  2. Pairs: in pairs, two minutes to talk to each other about your reading for this week.
  3. Assignments 2, 2a and 2b: Raegina (2a and 2b) and Steve (Assignment 2) will be answering questions about these assignments.
  4. Professional Experience: sharing & discussing experiences so far.